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How can I help?


We are recruiting based on four target areas.

Local: Gender Equality and Addiction Awareness in Punjab.
Education and Employment: Local and National.
Environment: National
Disaster Management: National

Q: What qualification do I require to volunteer?
A: If you read this and can operate a computer, you are fit to volunteer.

Commitment and dedication is the basic quality we are looking for, and we are open to individuals from all walks of life professional, social and domestic. We need doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT Professionals, Retired officers from the forces, specialized professionals in water harvesting, solar and wind utilities, teachers, farmers, and in addition to this students, home makers and senior citizens for new ideas and idea implementation.

Q: What is the benefit of volunteering?
A: Apart from the obvious, personal satisfaction of helping out. G4C is in the process of collaborating with Educational and Government concerns which will provide accreditation directly or indirectly through the foundation. This will reflect on the individual’s curriculum vitae (C.V.) and will have significant advantages while seeking future employment.

Q: What will be the commitment required?
A: The commitment is up to you; only the Disaster Management Teams will go through training. Enough notice will be provided to you in case we require your help in a program in your region. You will always have a choice to refuse based on your availability. We plan to have a large pool of volunteers so that at least few would be available at any given point. Disaster Management will be on emergency call, where one has the freedom decline participation based one’s availability or any other issue.


If you are an NGO, school, a commercial establishment, Government establishment or any concerned group and feel that we could help each other, please write to us and associate with us. We firmly believe there is no competition in doing good, as only more good comes out.


The quickest and easiest way to help is of course to Donate. You can write a letter if you wish to donate to a particular cause and a follow up of that will be sent to you. Else you can just donate to the foundation and we will ensure that the money is utilized correctly.

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National Issue
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