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Shraddha Charitable Trust

Shraddha charitable trust is a rehabilitation workshop imparting vocational training to the autistic and mentally challenged young adults, it gives them a regular stipend which increases their self respect thus giving them a meaningful existence. Gul has been an ardent supporter of shraddha since 2006

Lots is being done for the underprivileged people and people affected with debilitating and life threatning diseases but very few work for the cause for the mentally challenge in our country. This is the reason I chose to support shraddha as it works for the rehabilitation of the autistic young adult by keeping them gainfully occupied and helping to integrate them into the main stream of our society.

Because Shraddha is a small organisation doing a herculean task by employing 40 mentally challenge adult and being an NGO it needs to be aided by everyone so that it can open its door to more such special children of GOD.

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